Requirements for Equipment Connected to the Swiss Power Grid

All equipment and installations connected to the Swiss power grid must fulfil the requirements in the documents listed on this page at all times.

The Swiss laws are purposely not very detailed in order to allow companies in the industry sectors concerned to find the most efficient solutions. The VSE defines rules for energy supply (in part under the inclusion of other associations). The industry sector documents are available in German and French. The documents listed on this page have also been published in English.

Type tests, expertises and certifications of equipment are performed by Eurofins and are not part of these industry sector documents.


Transmission Code

The transmission code defines the technical principles and requirements for the operation and use of the Swiss transmission grid, as well as the resulting roles of the participating players.

Balancing Concept

The Balancing Concept describes the components of balance management and is a guideline for the balancing concept implemented in Switzerland.

Country Settings Switzerland for Energy Generation Units (PV Inverters, Generators)

Extract from Appendix E of the industry regulation for the connection of generation units to the low-voltage grid (NA/EEA-NE7-CH).

Requirements for Electro-Mobility Charging Stations

This document describes the standardised controlling of charging station for electro-mobility by means of a wired communication route to the signal source of the network operator.

Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE/AES)

The VSE is the representation and lobbying platform for the Swiss electricity industry. We support sound national and international framework conditions, a positive image for electricity as well as a reliable, marketable, competitive, sustainable, innovative power supply.